Proper Rose Pruning

Our roses are taking off like crazy and I can say its definitely due to #1 pruning and #2 proper feeding with rose food.

I now prune the rose bushes in late winter (january) and early fall (september). This works well here in California. Your weather may vary. Cooler areas and you might be pruning in early spring instead (april/may). My basic pruning is as follows:

– remove dead or broken branches
– remove any twig branches thinner then a pencil
– prune to open up the center for light and air circulation
– select 6-8 strongest canes for new season of growth
– cut branches at least half the branch height
– cut branches at 1/4 inch above outside facing buds at a 45 degree angle

Throughout the summer, I do basic maintenance like removing spent blooms and then clipping that branch just above a leaf set of 5-7 leaves, which promotes regrowth. You wont get new buds if you clip above a 3 leaf set.

While pruning is important, make sure to buy some rose food and feed your roses regularly!

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