I Cut My Finger Off

So now you know why we havent blogged for quite some time 🙂 I did cut my finger off and somehow, by some miracle, the doctor saved it because I begged him to try. The doc said normally on adults they dont make the effort. Anyways, my finger is still here and I can grip again and am pretty much back to normal. New projects, new things, some bad news, its all coming up in new blog posts so stick around 🙂 I dont think we have a Facebook page anymore, but we’ll keep our Twitter updated and you can always message us there if you would like.

One last thing. If you are ever shopping for or considering that “perfect” door for your home, please give Charlie at Ginkgo Doors a try. His doors are beyond superb. They are extraordinary and downright beautiful….


I will definitely be posting stuff every couple of days from now own so lets have some fun!

What, you want a photo of the finger? NO WAY!


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